In Which Steff is Still Kicking

Welp, I am still alive.

I’ve been meaning to update this blog for a while, but fortunately was kept busy with work! In addition to reprising my role this past fall as DOC NYC‘s Videography Coordinator, I started work at VICE last February. I have been working as an Assistant Editor for VICELAND’s NOISEY.

Also, the Leather Corduroy’s music video that I edited was published on NOISEY’s digital channel:

It’s been a great year.

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In Which Steff is All Synchronization

Well, it’s been a while, so time for a MEGA-UPDATE…

For one, the music video “Lie (Parts 1&2)” by Friend Roulette, has finally been released! Today there was a very nice write-up on the music blog The Wild Honey Pie. It’s very excited to have it out in the world after so working on it for so long. (Seriously, we started production in February!)

Please, enjoy:

Director – Duncan Bindbeutel
Editor & Assistant Director – Steff Sanchez
Camera & Color Corrections – Stephanie Gould
Camera & Projections – Jordan Doig
Starring Brighid Greene

Also, this past weekend was so productive and lovely. I AD’ed and shot a music video for the song ‘Kilsythe’ by the Dirty Fences. I’m also cutting the video. Wa-hey.

You can listen to the track below:

Also, I cannot stop listening to this song (it’s really hitting that autumnal note for some reason):

In Which Steff Streamlines It

Life has been excellent and crazy.

I’ve recently been combing through my pre-2005 internet presence. I was reminiscing about junior high era writings with a friend–which lead to a hilarious, nostalgic clean up mission. I’m talking about old websites (my baby-attempts at HTML at age 12), blogs, early webcomics and “writing” (read: fanfiction) . Yikes.

However, there were some gems, like the first gif I ever created (way back in 2001!):

 Fred Astaire!



In Which Steff Prepares for a Brief Respite

It’s been a whirlwind week, again. After the hurricane, NYC was immediately hit by a [beautiful] snowstorm. I feel as though time is speeding up and that just yesterday the sun was blazing with the full heat of summer. I love when it snows in Brooklyn; really, I feel like I live on Sesame Street.

Even though we skipped autumn and went straight to winter, this snow made me so happy.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week working for DOCNYC (New York’s Documentary Film Festival)as a freelance videographer.

♡ ♡ ♡

I went to screenings for some amazing films:

  • ENZO AVITABILE MUSIC LIFE: A profile of world music superstar Enzo Avitabile. This film caught me off-guard. Its charm crept up on me and won me over. Moreover, I was fascinated by the world-famous musicians (and their unusual instruments) that Enzo collaborates with throughout.
  • Shepard & Dark: A look into the 40-year correspondence and friendship of playwright Sam Shepard and Johnny Dark. I loved this picture. I think that it was really interesting to get such insight into the very intimate entangled lives of these two friends. In addition to the letters, director Treva Wurmfeld was given access to Dark’s intricate archive of photographs and home-movies. Overall, while this film is bittersweet, it is definitely my favorite of the ones that I watched.
  • New York Doll: Thirty years after the legendary rock group the New York Dolls split, bass player Arthur “Killer” Kane struggles with his post-fame life and prepares for an epic reunion gig.

Here is one of the videos that I created for the festival, it’s the panel for ‘New York Doll’:

In Which Steff is all, like, “Whomp Whomp!”

I’m pleased to report that things are finally getting back to normal after Hurricane Sandy.

On Sunday, I finally left the borough of Brooklyn for the first time in a full week. Since the trains were still down and my bicycle is in the repair shop, I  ended up walking from my house in Gowanus to the West Village.  The city was still quiet, but less damaged than I thought it would be. In fact, the most startling aftermath of Sandy was actually the gas stations that I passed as I was walking through Brooklyn. There were  lines of people on foot queuing up with canisters to collect gas. The cars were wrapped around the block. I just feel very fortunate that everything in my immediate area (and all my friends) are safe and sound.

A sight for sore eyes.

As a result of my prolonged stay in Brooklyn, I’ve had more time to just pause and catch up on reading, podcasts and creative endeavors.

I even had time to doodle this silly comic about  Oetzi (also spelled Ötzi), the 5300-year-old Copper Age mummy.

♥ ♥ ♥

Oetzi is absolutely my favorite archaeological find of all time. It’s really amazing how many secrets scientists have been able to unearth from his well-preserved body. (For example: Oetzi has the proud distinction of the first recorded case of Lyme disease! Also, he had a lactose intolerance! Wow!) NOVA did a really fun yet super-dramatic special on Oetzi called “Iceman Murder Mystery” which is streaming on their website.

Whelp, that’s about it for now. I’m finished ranting about mummies.

In Which Steff is running out of tea…

Seriously. I am running out of tea. I bought a 48 pack when I moved in on the first, and now I’m down to seven.

Either way, I had a wonderful weekend that I wanted to share:

  • On Friday, I went to Ruff Cuts, a monthly event at the New School where students can show their work in progress and receive feedback from other students. This edition of Ruff Cuts was especially boisterous and I saw some excellent student work–including a really wonderful doc-short on female cab drivers. Afterwards, I attempted to go see Christian Marclay’s “The Clock”  at the Paula Cooper Gallery. However, due to the unseasonably warm weather earlier in the day, my friend and I were underdressed and bailed from the line after waiting just over an hour. However…
  • On Saturday, I finally got to see “The Clock”. I waited, literally in the snow, for two and a half hours to see this fantastic piece. Played in real time, Marclay (and what I imagine can only be a ridiculous amount of assistants), used thousands of movie clips to create this perfectly synchronized 24-hour clock. In each snippet, there is a reference to time–either a close up of a watch, chimes or dialogue, etc–seamlessly edited together in a very interesting take on time. The film is disorienting in how engrossing it is. At a few points, I was startled to realize that I’d only been in the theatre for 10 minutes, 20 minutes–because it was so mesmerizing that it felt like an hour. It is also interesting the way that the film changes at different parts of the day. For example, I saw “The Clock” at around 2-3 in the afternoon, and so I saw a bunch of school images, but also tough-guy action scenes. However, friends that saw the piece at 5PM and 4AM had wildly different experiences. Either way, the film was brilliant and if there is every an opportunity to see it on its upcoming museum tour, I highly recommend it.
  • Sunday, I finally bought a kitchen table. It balances my house nicely, and I think it’s wonderful.

Now, I wanted to share a quick video that I took on my cell phone. Almost every day, I take the Q train from my house into Manhattan and Queens. On this route, there is one very special moment that just represents, I think, why I love this city. For a brief moment, right before the train goes above ground for the Manhattan bridge, there is what I can only describe as a zoetrope of backlit panels animated by the train’s movement. Although the quality of the video is poor, I just had to blog this:

Q Train Zoetrope from steff sanchez on Vimeo.

(Sidenote, I know that I said that I’d be blogging each screening–and that hasn’t happened yet. Here is a list of films that I’ve watched in the past week or so that I’d like to blog about, but probably won’t get around to:

  • Rabbit in the Moon
  • Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
  • Picture Me
  • Creation
  • Sona the Other Myself
  • Nanook of the North
  • San Soleil
  • Man with the Movie Camera
  • Revolution OS
  • Enter the Void
  • Comic Book Confidential
  • Me and Orson Welles

Also: I love grad school.)

In Which Ladri makes a resounding return!

I’ve been working on updating my website (when I should be finishing term papers) to make it 100% iPhone/etc compatible. (All that’s left now is the three photo galleries!) As a result, I’ve now switched out the flash version of my 2009 project “Ladri di Computer” for online uploads:

Ladri di Computer (2009) from steff sanchez on Vimeo.

The Vimeo upload seems to queue a little slowly, so I also posted this on my Youtube account:

Oooh, back to work!