In Which Steff Receives an Omen

The past month or so has been a delightful whirlwind of employment. Between new gigs and steady freelance, 2013 is already proving to be a banner year.


I designed the above logo for ¡Olé!, a play about the affair between Federico Garcia Lorca and Salvador Dalí.

Moreover, lots of irons are hot in the fire for the next few months. Exciting!

In Which Steff Re-Activates her Online Presence

Well, hello again. I’ve been ignoring the Internet for far too long.

First of all, Happy Halloween!

Halloween 1988, I am a duck.

Here’s a quick rundown of my life in the past few months:

  • I’ve moved house (which was the main reason for radio silence, as I didn’t have a wireless internet adapter for way too long)
  • Doing a lots of freelance design work
  • Had the wonderful opportunity to work as DIT/Assistant Editor on a science fiction short in early September.
  • Started writing a YA novel  (it’s in the early stages) with my creative partner, Tara.
  • Weathered Hurricane Sandy, which has given me the time off to sit and actually blog. (Luckily, my neighborhood kept power/water and had no real damage.)

From my experience on-set in September.

Time for me to escape from this stint of cabin fever and go out for a walk! Until later!

In Which Steff Finds It

Well, it’s been a beautiful, stressful week! Please forgive the untimely wrap-up:

♥ America ♥

Fourth of July craziness. After beginning the day with a picnic in McCarren Park, I followed some friends to Harlem for a rooftop barbeque. Halfway through our meal, someone started to launch fireworks (and I mean proper fireworks) which exploded fairly close to our heads! Apart from the remnants ashing into our food, it was thrilling but ultimately hilarious. Lovely!

Unofficial fireworks show rains down.

Other things that have happened to in the past week….

  • I’ve almost finished coding Matt’s site that I designed this week. (Back to it right after this blog post and will post soon!)
  • I started reading both The Last Days of the Incas by Kim MacQuarrie and The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat” by Oliver Sacks. Both are really enthralling (which is a shame, because Game of Thrones just arrive at the Brooklyn Public Library for me.
  • I saw Magic Mike in theaters. I went with some girlfriends on Tuesday evening thinking that the theater would be dead (best time to see a shame-inducing film, save Wednesday morning). To our surprise, it was fairly packed and we had difficulty finding three seats together! I had no expectations going into it, so I was actually pleasantly surprised by the fact that it had a cohesive, enjoyable storyline!
  • Saw an incredible Wasabasco Burlesque show at Bathtub Gin, a delightful, damask-covered speakeasy, hidden behind a false wall a hidden behind a door panel in a tiny coffee shop. Both the venue and the performance made me feel as though I had traveled back in time to Prohibition Era NYC.

Hanging out at the speakeasy Bathtub Gin

Also, I’d love to share a couple songs that have been just playing on repeat in my head. Definite summer music:

“Ho Hey” by the Lumineers: Heard this for the first time driving to Harlem on the 4th. Love it:

“Buster Keaton” by Quadron: The song itself light, soulful and, to me, totally summer. Although the video is pretty, it feels kind of like an American Apparel ad. Either way, the song is brilliant:

In Which Steff Drinks Lots of Lemonade

Today was particularly wonderful. Despite intentions to go to the flea market (it was, sadly, closed), I ended up at Coney Island. It’s been almost a year since my last visit and such a great day. (For one, I didn’t get pooped on by a seagull like last time!)

The Wonder Wheel

On the ride up


Also, I saw this music video that I wanted to share. Not only is the song really catchy, but I really like the concept. I’m such a sucker for the continuous take. (That and the staggering Courtney Love-a-like in the background really tickled me.)

In Which Steff has an interesting Month

Okay, so, obviously I am the worst at my New Year’s resolution to be an active blogger.

In my defense, it has been an epic month.

For better or worse, my attention has been severely divided. March only seems as though it will be more intense. It seems as though the Gods of Irony are back in full swing now that the dregs of winter appear to be on the outs officially. (Perhaps the cold does not suit their tastes).

Either way, I am still here.

In Which Steff is Ducks Up

Computer issues solved and the semester is over.

I’ve got a new project that I’m working on with my friend Chris. We’re going to pick it up again after the holiday, but here’s a preview:

Searching For Sammy Intro (ROUGH CUT) from steff sanchez on Vimeo.

Also, I found this and got nostalgic. I had a pink one, and it was awesome. (Sidenote: maybe childhood obesity would be less of a problem if these were still cool.)

In Which Steff Writes Her 100th Post

Well, this is officially the 100th post of my blog! It only took two odd years, but huzzah!

So, there has been loads of radio silence on my end. Unfortunately, my hard drive recently self-destructed so I’ve been without a computer for about two weeks. (Thank goodness Matt could lend me a spare laptop!) Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a new drive soon.

Here’s a video that I made for my film form class. It’s just an editing exercise. Everyone in the class was given the same footage and told to edit it however we wanted. This is mine. (Note: I don’t own the footage or the music, it’s just for class, so okay):

In Which Steff Celebrates Her 24th Birthday.

Nothing much to report here, yet. Summer has been off to a sleepy start. I just returned from a week at home to celebrate my birthday with my family.

This is my beautiful new ukelele that I received for my birthday. I'm having lots of fun learning how to play. (Photo by Jamie Bressler)

I’m now back in the city and awaiting both the start of summer classes and the arrival of some dear friends tomorrow! Hopefully, things will be more exciting soon and there will be actually something to write about…