In Which Steff is All Synchronization

Well, it’s been a while, so time for a MEGA-UPDATE…

For one, the music video “Lie (Parts 1&2)” by Friend Roulette, has finally been released! Today there was a very nice write-up on the music blog The Wild Honey Pie. It’s very excited to have it out in the world after so working on it for so long. (Seriously, we started production in February!)

Please, enjoy:

Director – Duncan Bindbeutel
Editor & Assistant Director – Steff Sanchez
Camera & Color Corrections – Stephanie Gould
Camera & Projections – Jordan Doig
Starring Brighid Greene

Also, this past weekend was so productive and lovely. I AD’ed and shot a music video for the song ‘Kilsythe’ by the Dirty Fences. I’m also cutting the video. Wa-hey.

You can listen to the track below:

Also, I cannot stop listening to this song (it’s really hitting that autumnal note for some reason):