In Which Steff Returns to Reality

After taking a few weeks off to travel abroad, I am finally back trying to process my amazing adventure. Honestly, it’s hard to readjust after doing nothing but galavanting around mountains and deserts, all the while connecting with some of the most amazing people I’ve had the privilege to meet.

Just riding some camels through the desert, NBD.

In two weeks, I literally took over 2,500 photographs–so hopefully I will have something to share with this oft-ignored blog soon.

Nearly finished with a new music video for Friend Roulette, from their new album I’m Sorry You Hit Your Head. Currently operating on the penultimate cut (I hope).

Also, the episode of FUTURESTATES that I worked on last autumn is finally available online! I loved the script immediately (I mean, scifi and claustrophobic space exploration!) and seeing it with all of the SFX is amazing. So wonderful.

In Which Steff is Turquoise, Purple, Silver…

It’s actually starting to feel like autumn again. The weather has started to cool off (hopefully not just a phase). Also, yesterday I was in the computer lab editing video until after 9 pm. (Sidenote: I had an awesome time filming for the library customer service training video!)
On a more positive note, my cookbooks finally arrived! I’m really excited to use them this weekend when I see the darling Christina!

Also, I am totally in love with this video: “New Romance” by Miles Fisher. It’s a mash-up of Saved by the Bell and Final Destination 5. It’s catchy but also gory! Just a warning.