Resume: MSNUK

Here are some samples of my work at MSNUK (January 2008-May 2008).
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"Living with a severe allergy" : To highlight National Allergy Week (May 19-23 2008), I wrote a first-person account of my experiences with anaphylactic allergies. [Right-click to download the .pdf]

"Making dental phobia a thing of the past": an examination of how new dental technology should ease patients' fears. [Right-click to download the .pdf]

"The rise of 'tanorexia' and other modern day afflictions" : A brief look at "modern" diseases such as "tanorexia", "athletica nervosa", "cyberchondria" and "technoholic". (Co-written with Ross Chainey) [Right-click to download the .pdf]

"Have Your Say!": a sample of my entries posted for MSNUK's news blog, including reporting done for "Have Your Say!", a bi-weekly webcast of on-the-street interviews. (Credited as "Stephanie Sanchez" / Production and Editing of "Have Your Say!" by Ashley La Grua)

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