"We Don't Know How To Stop": a music video created for Vice's Noisey channel. Credit: editor.

LIE PARTS 1 & 2 (2013): a music video from Brooklyn-based band Friend Roulette. Credits: assistant director, editor.

NT (2012): a documentary that explores Asperger's syndrome through the worldview of Scott, the filmmaker's brother who was diagnosed as a small child. Credits: director, editor.

Bolex Project 1 (2011): 16mm/silent film study on Bolex camera. All edits are done in camera. Credits: director, editor, story concept.

Ladri Di Computer (2009): a 13-minute remake of Vittorio De Sica's classic "Ladri di biciclette". This modern take on the Italian neorealist film was created as a project for an Italian film course. B&W, Italian with English subtitles. Credits: director, editor, script.